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Low-Impact, Not No-Impact Training Database Cardio Articles Low-Impact, Not No-Impact

Let Low-Impact Exercise Have a High Impact on Your Fitness Endeavors.

The sweat is pouring down by the bucket. Your hair is soppy and wet. Your eyes are popping out of your head.

Meanwhile, the only pounding worse than the one on the floor is the one on your joints.

Your knees, your ankles, your toes, they all feel like they’re two centuries old. The agony is shooting furiously throughout every limb in your body.

Well, contrary to that silly slogan that seems a favorite among the fitness crowd, no pain does not necessarily translate into no gain. In fact, there are various other exercise alternatives that are completely merciful on your joints while providing you with the sound cardiovascular fitness you’re been striving for.

If you’re looking to boycott that step class and step up to a newer, more relaxing form of fitness, then kick out of the aerobics shoes for some of these wise choices.

CONTACT YOGA: No, there is no whacking, tackling, or hip checks here. But there is indeed plenty of contact in this newest form of yoga that’s about to reach fitness gyms throughout the nation. This is the form of yoga in which partners work in synch to provide each other with a stimulating workout and a soothing massage.

You are essentially providing your partner with resistance in these exercises as you are pushed and pulled throughout various motions. This is a great method for stretching and strengthening the body while you learn to move with grace and reduce your stress.

Generally practiced twice a week, contact yoga usually runs about $30 per session.

LOTTE BERK METHOD: It may look like a joke to you, but once you take on this strenuous form of toning and strengthening, you’ll hardly be laughing. If at first, the Lotte Berk Method looks a lot like a blend of ballet, calisthenics, and yoga, that’s because it is. Exactly.

The regimen hasn’t yet caught on heavily throughout the U.S. but it is rapidly growing in popularity in New York City. In fact, the only way to jump into a class is with a reservation.

While most of the movements are done through your own body weight – slow, regulated motions – there are some that require light weights used to sculpt the upper torso. Otherwise, the resistance is provided by your own body.

A Lotte Berk class will generally cost you $20 per session.

PILATES: You don’t need to be in total fitness reform to try this wildly popular activity but you will need an apparatus called the Reformer before your session begins.

The Reformer is the bizarre-looking device made up of cables and pulleys in which you’ll perform these graceful, rhythmic exercises, aimed at toning and elongating your muscles.

This method of fitness consists of long, flowing motions that will not only increase the definition in your entire body but will enhance your flexibility.

If you’re looking for a great cardiovascular exercise, this really isn’t it. Only the most advanced Pilates students can whip up a good sweat through the sessions.

Pilates is not cheap. Aside from attaining the Reformer machine, a private workout costs somewhere around $90 per session.

Take care,

Matt Canning

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